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Once upon a time…

Fairytales have a magical way of creating nostalgia. Implanting little “life lessons”in our memory, by teaching us simple stories and morals. This collection is just this ... our little eco-fairy tale ... based on sustainability and a respect for the environment, using FULLY RECYCLED fibres. This MILLEFILI ECO-LLECTION, is a totally sustainable collection, as a result of constant consciousness and commitment, supporting an ethical morality, in-line with the beliefs and ethics of Millefili.

In this fairytale, the evil witch pollutes the planet, but with a magic wand there is hope of reversing the pollution and with time, this magic can find clean air and a new way for generations to come.

Creating a new consciousness with the choice of raw materials used is very important for the environmental impact. We use Waste materials that are eco-compatible and eco-sustainable from many sources. We take organic fibres obtained from animals, as well as natural fibers such as linen, cotton, silk, jute, etc.,but also synthetics derived from recycled materials. Before all, the production process begins, Millefili is fully certified by

Our story begins with a range of stock service supported yarns, using eco cashmere, eco-cotton, eco shiny viscose.

Millefili continue to focus on the environment by developing new blends of linen and natural fibers with mouline and multicolor effects for fine counts with a "tiny crumb" color effect, and then bigger counts in an explosion of colors with wavy and flamed fancy effects.

We like to call it artisanal experimentation…

Sparkling yarns and lurex enriched with sequins complete our range of chanel effects, rigorously developed from recycled raw materials.

We represented the past, the present and the future with an open ending .. because we like to think that the future is in our hands ...

and we will do everything we can to help make A FAIRY TALE WORLD !!